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As the UK Government attempts to launch a shale gas revolution, The Truth Behind The Dash For Gas documents the mounting evidence that the industry cannot be made safe.

In language often strikingly similar to industry PR, supposedly impartial geologists, Government officials and the Prime Minister himself rubbish environmental concerns about the industry.

But this explosive documentary looks behind the fracking spin, telling the stories ignored by the mainstream media:

In Australia and the US, corporate negligence and malpractice has led to contamination of the air and water, including the spraying of radioactive frackwater onto public roads, causing clusters of illnesses from Queensland to Pennsylvania.

Billions of corporate dollars have been spent to buy the co-operation of politicians, the silence of not just those affected by the industry but also the doctors who would otherwise collect the data.

In the UK the same story is being retold. The revolving door between government and industry leading to changes in obstructive British Law. Corporate misconduct, including the dumping of radioactive waste in the Manchester ship canal, goes unchecked by out of date and underfunded regulation.

When the institutions fail to protect the public and environment it is left to independent experts and everyday people to monitor the misdeeds of an industry deemed by a UN global report to be inherently unsafe.

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